About us

Falt Incorprated is an independent digital agency serving clients with website development, mobile app development, motion graphics creation, professional video editing, and so much more digital services. But that’s only half of the story. We can also categorize ourselves as a Tech Company because we have launched quite a number of products, like Faltweb, Falt Tv, MvPlug and some productive Apps too.


Our Products

Don't forget to check the list of our products we have out there! You might just have used one or two but didn't know it was our's.

Our Services

Website Development
We are modern website developers and only use modern tools for our website designs.
Mobile App Development
Ever wanted your own App? We design apps both for Android and iOS.
Graphics Designs
With our studio division we create music artwork, logos, banners, posters, business card designs, etc.
Motion Graphics & Video Editing
With our studio division we create a lot of graphics advert, graphics motion logo, etc. And we can also handle all your video editing works for you. This is mostly for YouTubers.